Best Capsule Hostels in Bandung


Bandung can pride itself as one of the biggest tourism city in Indonesia. Situated on a mountainous area, Bandung is flanked by many wonderful places such as Lembang and Ciwidey. There are simply so many places you can visit in the greater Bandung Area.

Enjoying a night at a capsule hostel. via Instagram/capsleep.excellent7

Bandung also provides all kind of accommodation, from the most luxurious suites to affordable hostels. In the last few years, there are many capsule hotels opened and operated in Bandung. Here are some of the best capsule hotels you can find in this city.


View from the capsule at Bobobox. via Instagram/widiauliaa

This is a capsule hotel with a clear theme; futuristic and hi-tech. The two-tiered capsule looks simple in white with numbers and small windows to indicate that there are beds in them. But when you enter it, you can directly see the ‘tech’ part of this capsule. You can manage the brightness of the lamp, lock the door, and set the speaker’s volume from a single touch screen monitor. Bobobox is located at Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.76A, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Bandung. Rates start at IDR130,000.

INAP at Capsule Hostel

Morning view from the capsule. via Instagram/inapatcapsule

INAP at Capsule Hostel is the luxury capsule if there is one. The room is still small but still very comfortable. The main selling point of this hostel is that the rooms have a beautiful panorama of the city. INAP is located in an apartment unit. INAP at Capsule Hostel’s address is at Jl. Lengkong Kecil, Paledang, Lengkong, Bandung. Rates at this hostel start from IDR208,000 per night.

Mypod Room

Mypod Room capsule. via Instagram/jalanjajan_minho

Compared to other trendy capsule hotels, Mypod Room is pretty straightforward. Capsules here are simple wooden niche with bed and lamp. Your privacy is guarded by a simple retractable curtain. The place is very clean and somewhat homey. This hostel is located at Jl. Dalem Kaum No.102, Cikawao, Lengkong, Bandung. Rates at this hostel start from IDR200,000.

Excellent 7 Capsleep

Doublebed room. via Instagram/capsleep.excellent7

You can say that this is a bare minimum of a capsule hostel. You will get a small room with a white bed and orange pillow and blanket. There are options for single and double capsule bed. If you think the single bed is too small, you can just book the double one. The rate for a single bed is IDR80,000 while the double bed is IDR120,000 per night. This hostel is located at Jalan Cihampelas, Tower B Unit 2112 Cipaganti, Coblong, Bandung.

Shakti Capsule

Shakti Capsules. via instagram/nicocphutapea

Upon seeing the capsules or pods here, you might think you are in a science fiction movie. The exterior of each capsule is so futuristic, with unique forms and lightings. The interior is even more impressive with controllable lights and hi-tech looking panels. This hostel is located at Cihampelas street No.119, Cipaganti, Coblong, Bandung City. Rates start at IDR150,000 per night.

VK Pods

VK Pods. via Instagram/ridwanderful

This hostel also provide pretty straightforward capsules for the guests. The rooms are quite simple with wooden walls and metal frames. However, being basic here doesn’t mean terrible in any way. The rooms are quite roomy and comfortable and there are other facilities such as free Wi-Fi and hair dryer.  VK Pods is located at Paskal Hyper Square, A-26, Kebon Jeruk, Andir, Bandung. Rates here start from IDR185,000.

Tokyo Cubo

Tokyo Cubo. via Instagram/riyanlukardi

Tokyo Cubo is a capsule hostel that tries to bring the original capsule experience just like in Japan. The pods are also quite simple, with wooden wall and metal frames. You can feel the Japanese atmosphere right at the front office all the way to the capsules. Tokyo Cubo is located at Jl. Pendawa No.2, Arjuna, Cicendo, Bandung. Rates at this hostel starts from IDR160,000.

Shakti Capsule. via Instagram/shakticapsule_bdg

If you need an affordable place to stay in Bandung, capsule hostels can be your best choice. They are clean, relatively cheap, and provide at least basic needs for travelers. Some pods are so unique, some people just book it for the experience and pictures.

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