Instagramable Boutique Hotels in the Lembang, Bandung


Lembang is one of the centers of tourism activities in Bandung. Lembang area is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty which then enhanced with the number of man-made buildings to maximize tourism in the area. One example of such enhancement is boutique hotels in this area.

Breeze Art and Boutique Hotel. via Instagram/

Lembang actually has a lot of hotel choices ranging from backpacker accommodation to luxury suites. Here are some of the best boutique hotels in Lembang, Bandung.

Hotel Stevie G

Stevie G Hotel. via Instagram/

The name chosen by this hotel might be unheard of, especially for those who don’t follow soccer. Stevie G is a nickname of Steven Gerrard, a former Liverpool and England national team player.

This hotel has a quirky design and the pop-art influence can be seen everywhere. Upon entering the front office, you will be greeted by 3 fake sheep and friendly staffs. The rooms have lovely interior stylings, unique furniture, and unusual wallpapers.

Located in the cool hilly area of Lembang, Stevie G Hotel can actually also be an interesting staycation choice. Rates at the Stevie G hotel starts at around IDR300,000.

Minimalist and Chic Hotel; Blackbird Hotel

Blackbird Hotel. via Instagram/

The outer look architecture of this hotel is quite simple, but the spatial arrangement of every element looks very neat and pleasant to look at. The building is minimalist with simple white in the middle of the green pine woods that surround it.

There is a swimming pool with various buoys that can be used by all visitors. But the inside of this hotel has a quite different theme. Suitable materials and the right colors make staying at this hotel so comfortable. Rates at this hotel start at a price of IDR390,000.

The Peak Home

The Peak Home. via Instagram/

Located in the heart of the Lembang area, The Peak Home offers a comfortable place to stay, while still being very Instagramable. Located in the middle of a pine forest, all the rooms here give a serene green view from the window. Waking up to such view will definitely boost anyone’s mood.

There is a pool and lounge to relax, another factor that will make you even more reluctant to leave this hotel. The pastel colors chosen for the rooms gives warmth in the midst of the cold climate of Lembang. Rates at this hotel start from IDR661,000 per night.

Breeze Art and Boutique Hotel

Breeze Art and Boutique Hotel. via Instagram/

In short, Breeze Art and Boutique Hotel is a combination of a hotel and an art gallery. You might be able to imagine for yourself how unique the hotel interior is on display there. What is certain is that this place is very good for your Instagram’s feed, either you take a pic from the outside or inside the hotel.

Every part of this place is carefully designed, well designed to create a place that now become a magnet for photographers, professionals or those who just want to fill in timeline of their social media accounts. Staying here is very comfortable with very good service. Rates at Breeze Art and Boutique Hotel starts at IDR718,000.

Black Bird Hotel Bandung. via Instagram/

Today, you can have a lot of lodging choices when you visit Lembang, you will be overwhelmed. You can choose to try glamping in luxurious tents or stay in a suite of a hotel. However, if you want a unique place to stay while collecting lovely pictures, then boutique hotels are for you.