Tips Susun Biaya ke Labuan Bajo, Agar Liburanmu Tak Bikin Kantong Jebol


How many Friends of Travelers who have been wondering about the costs to Labuan Bajo? Take it easy, you are not alone. The beauty of the Fisherman Village in East Nusa Tenggara is indeed extraordinary, so it is not surprising that there are many who want to visit there.

Although relatively expensive, a Traveler Friend can actually visit Labuan Bajo with a minimal budget. As long as it’s good at managing finances, this is not impossible at all. Curious? Here are some tips on how to arrange costs to Labuan Bajo as economically as possible.

1. Transportation

Pelabuhan di Labuan Bajo
Pelabuhan di Labuan Bajo via Shutterstock

Regular flights from Jakarta to the Komodo Airport can be an option for Friend Travelers who crave practicality. But it should be remembered that the cost can reach 1.5 to 2 million rupiah. You can cut costs with backpackers to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta.

First, messages from the capital city to Mataram – tickets are much cheaper. Next, you can just continue your trip to East Sumbawa by bus – the trip usually takes 12 hours. Finally, Friend Traveler can cross to Labuan Bajo via ferry from Sape Terminal.

2. Accommodation

Hotel di Labuan Bajo
Hotel di Labuan Bajo via Shutterstock

Vacation costs will be much cheaper if Teman Traveler practices backpacker tips to Labuan Bajo 2018. One of them is by choosing a minimal budget inn. Don’t worry, there are many motels or hostels in Labuan Bajo with rates starting at 400 thousand rupiah per night.

If you want to be more comfortable, Friend Traveler must be diligent in observing hotel room booking sites. Monitor every promo or event they hold. It’s not impossible that you can stay in five-star accommodation at low prices.

3. Choose the right time

Suasana di Bandara
Suasana di Bandara via Shutterstock

In order to save on traveling costs, Teman Traveler must also be determined to determine the time of departure. Try not to go during the holiday season or towards the end of the year. During high season like that, ticket prices and lodging costs will usually be more expensive.

In addition, going high season also has the potential to make a holiday less comfortable because there are too many tourists. If Teman Traveler wants a practical solution, there are already many parties that offer backpacker package services to Labuan Bajo.

4. Food

Sarapan dengan pemandangan indah di Labuan Bajo
Sarapan dengan pemandangan indah di Labuan Bajo via Shutterstock

A trip to Labuan Bajo is certainly incomplete without culinary tours. There are a lot of local dishes that must be done by a Traveler Traveler, one of them is fried fish. But remember, do not let the meal cost exceed the specified budget.

Traveler friends can buy food made by street vendors or stalls. Although it is not a hotel class, the taste and taste can be pitted. Don’t forget to ask the price first, because usually there are sellers who set different rates specifically for tourists.

5. Vehicle Rentals

Pemandangan Pulau Padar dari sebuah mobil
Pemandangan Pulau Padar dari sebuah mobil via Shutterstock

Travel to Labuan Bajo will be more comfortable if Friend Traveler brings his own vehicle. Everywhere will be practical and free. Fortunately, you don’t have to bother carrying a motorbike or car from your hometown.

Labuan Bajo has a number of motorbike or car rental places that are intended for tourists. Only armed with an identity card, you will be more free to go around enjoying the scenery around. Moreover, not all tourist attractions there can be reached by public transportation.

That was a number of tips to determine the cost to Labuan Bajo so that the holidays are more economical. Traveler friends don’t need to worry about saving too long to visit there. As long as you can manage your budget carefully, a vacation to East Nusa Tenggara is no longer just a dream.

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