Best Cafés to Beat the Deadline in Jogja


In Jogja, there are several cafés that cater to the need of those who are working against deadlines, especially during night time. Some people see these cafes as the combination of internet cafe and co-working space.

Vito Cafe Jogjakarta. via Instagram/
Vito Cafe Jogjakarta. via Instagram/vitocafe_

In these places, you can have delightful meals, delicious coffee, free wifi, and of course a place to do your work. They also open 24 hours a day. Whether you are a professional or a student who needs to beat the deadline, you will find these places as a great venue to do your work overnight.

Luxury Internet Café

Luxury Internet Cafe. via Instagram/
Luxury Internet Cafe. via Instagram/mrs.nirmala

This modern café provides high-speed internet connection in a cozy atmosphere. You will find the luxury of a café while still enjoying the comfortable place to work. This place is very popular among the ‘deadliners’, those who are trying to beat the deadline overnight. The place is clean, air-conditioned, and well lit. You can enjoy good coffee and some great snacks here. Luxury Internet Café is located at Jalan Kaliurang KM. 5.2, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, Jogjakarta.

Vito Café

Vito Cafe Jogjakarta. via Instagram/
Vito Cafe Jogjakarta. via Instagram/vitocafe_

Vito Café was designed as a crossover between internet café and actual café. You have to buy a cheap hourly wifi voucher and order foods or drinks. Compared to other cafes, Vito provides a better connection and a more tranquil atmosphere, almost like a coworking space. You can do your work on the red sofa and small tables. Be careful not to sleep there because the sofa is really comfy. Vito Café is located at Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, Jogjakarta.

Kedai 24

Kedai 24 Jogjakarta. via Instagram/
Kedai 24 Jogjakarta. via Instagram/danielgomgomhasugian

Kedai 24 is a café chain, there are four of them now in Jogja. As the name suggests, this place open 24 hours a day. Kedai 24 is initially more popular as a hangout place for its several facilities like billiard pool and several others. However, starting from midnight, when the regular customers go home, this place is a heaven for deadliners. You can find kedai 24 at Depok (Sleman) and Kasihan (Bantul), Jogjakarta.

Peacock Coffee

Peacock Coffee. via Instagram/
Peacock Coffee. via Instagram/blackwidow_mira

Peacock Coffee also opens 24 hours a day, provides good wifi, and give you a cozy place to work overnight. However, this place set itself apart from other similar cafes by having a wonderful interior. Many customers come here to take pictures because the place is that beautiful. You can even work here alone or with your group/friends. Peacock Coffee is located in Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Le Travail Coffee

Le Travail Cafe. via Instagram/
Le Travail Coffee. via Instagram/

This place has the most café feeling among others in this list. Le Travail Coffee is not as big as others in this list but it is special in term of intimacy and the atmosphere. Your coffee here is prepared by an experienced barista and if you don’t like coffee, you can still have other drinks. Wifi is free here and the food is great. Spending the night working here can be enjoyable too. Le Travail Coffee is located at Senturan, Jogjakarta.

Le Travail Coffee. via Instagram/
Le Travail Coffee. via Instagram/

Jogja has many cafes that enable you to beat the deadline. They all serve good food and beverages, provide good wifi, and open 24 hours. Most of them are also ideal for group work.

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