6 Luxury Resorts in Ubud with Charming Green Views


Unlike other super premium tourist destinations in Bali, Ubud does not rely on white sand beaches or challenging waves for surfers. Tourists come to Ubud to enjoy the rich culture and tranquil scenery of Balinese green forests.

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Staycation in Ubud can be an equally pleasant choice compared to seaside experience. Many hotels in Ubud offer super luxurious accommodation combined with beautiful natural scenery. Here are some of the most interesting hotels and resorts in Ubud.

Royal Pita Maha

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Royal Pita Maha is one of the pioneers in the Ubud tourist area. This resort has a quite legendary status among those who travel to Ubud frequently. Royal Pita Maha still uses many Balinese architectures that blend with the surrounding environment seamlessly.

Some rooms at this resort are equipped with private pools that have superb views. Pita Maha has 75 guest rooms, 4 restaurants, a spa, and free wifi and parking. Rates at Royal Pita Maha starts at 270 dollars.

Four Season Resort Bali at Sayan

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This is a 5-star resort with incredible natural scenery. To this resort, you have to pass the suspension bridge in the bamboo forest into a lotus pond that protrudes among the treetops. In general, the Four Season Resort is built on the slopes of the hill, in the middle of the green tropical wilderness.

Staying here, you will live in an ancient forest that feels disconnected from outer world, while the access to the resort is actually quite easy. Rates in four seasons start at USD456.

Komaneka in Tanggayuda

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This luxury resort was built in a quiet place in a tranquil area. It only takes a few minutes’ drives from the center of Ubud to reach this charming base. A calm and pleasant atmosphere exudes from the green trees that surround it. Staycation here will reach its peak when you relax in the Infinity pool while enjoying the surrounding natural scenery. Rates at this resort start at USD270.

Balinese Hanging Gardens

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Many consider Hanging Gardens is a hidden gem in Ubud. The location of this resort is indeed quite hidden, but many tourists already know about this Hanging Gardens. Unlike most other villages in Ubud that offer views of terraced rice fields, Hanging Gardens seems to close themselves from the outside world by hiding behind the thick tropical forest trees.

The resort’s two-tiered pool is quite legendary and is often referred to as one of the best in the world. Rates in Bali Hanging Gardens start at USD547.

Alila Ubud

Alila resort, Bali. via Instagram/

Alila Ubud is one of the resorts located on the banks of the Ayung River in Bali, particularly in Petayang village. The road leading to this resort is scenic and become a lovely journey on its own. The resort itself is built on the hillsides to enhance the beautiful scenery of green forests surrounding it. The building and its furniture take a contemporary side but the scenery offered is still very natural. Rates at this resort start at USD191.

Como Shambhala Estate

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This is a very luxurious resort, which offers all the best tourism aspects in Ubud.  From wonderful natural scenery, world-class full -service spa, to extraordinary service, this resort has them all. The hilly land contour is transformed into a tropical paradise that will give a lasting impression to whoever lucky enough to stay here. This is the best place for you to escape from the busy city life. Rates at this super luxury resort start at USD706.

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There are lots of restaurants and hotels in Ubud that offer a world-class stay. Almost all of them are hidden in the green of tropical forests that provide peace of mind for all visitors. For the best stay, there is no better place than this resort in Ubud.

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